Schnetz Landscape Featured on Use Natural Stone

How Does Your Stone Garden Grow? An article featuring Schnetz Landscape on

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Schnetz Landscape Featured in San Diego Magazine

We are pleased to have our work featured in July’s San Diego magazine. Here are some of our favorite highlights from the article “Private Paradise”: …the sprawling yet understated property in Rancho Santa Fe serves as a second home for a couple based on Manhattan’s Upper East Side. This is their escape from the city’s hustle, so […]

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Dawn of a New Era

(picture: Bill Schnetz veggie planting day in Encinitas school) by Robert Morrow, Estimator at Schnetz Landscape I remember a time when green lawns were important to our culture here in Southern California. Growing up in this climate before the dominance of video games and the internet meant we were always outside doing something. And a […]

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The Garden Bridge Project

This week Schnetz Landscape is inspired by the Garden Bridge project in London. The plan is to create a beautiful garden suspended over the River Thames, where pedestrians can cross and enjoy the beauty and healing aspects of nature. The next time you’re in London, you may be able to experience it yourself! The project […]

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This plant was used on a project in Poway. They only reproduce by seed, which makes them quite rare. They flower then die

Nick Armitage
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To our valued customers:

We’re excited about today’s irrigation technology and we want all of our customers to be aware of what is available.  The new irrigation technology has brought a change in monitoring and alerting us to irrigation system functions.  When a main line breaks or a valve sticks often many times we are unaware of the issue until water is running down the street.  If you’re not home the water could be running for days until someone is alerted.  This is the reason for a proactive system that can measure the amount of water each zone should be applying.

We all know that water can be a destructive force when unleashed in large volumes.  The use of a flow sensor with a master valve in conjunction with an internet based controller can sense unauthorized flows of water and shut the main line down.  The controller will then alert us via email with information on which valve has an issue or if a mainline has ruptured based on the amount of flow registered.

Something as simple as a broken sprinkler head will send an alert due to irregular flow patterns. This can save landscape washouts and the wasting of hundreds or even thousands of gallons of water and also will save money on your water bill.

Ask me how you can have the ultimate in water management for your property. I can meet with you and find a solution for your needs.

Andre Faubert

See our blog posts “In Times of Drought,” we are excited to be installing new technology to better serve our clients and “Renovating Your Irrigation for Summer.” Please click here to read more.

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All About Water Savings

Check out this video on one of our favorite tools to save water for our clients. Does your landscaping look like the bad example? Contact us and we’ll get your landscaping up to par!

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Celebrating Arbor Day at Schnetz Landscape

April is a wonderful month for celebrating the outdoors with Earth Day last weekend and Arbor Day today. Read up on the history of Arbor Day below, and enjoy some quotes, photos, and thoughts from the Schnetz Landscape team. “Why are there trees I never walk under but large and melodious thoughts descend upon me?” -Walt Whitman […]

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Renovating Your Irrigation for Summer

The summer is almost here and I wanted to educate all of our clients about the irrigation on your property.  The restrictions, as we know, are in place and the lack of the El Nino rains has put us right back to where we were last year at this time. Many people have taken advantage of […]

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San Diego Thursday Club

Bill gave a great instructional class on drought tolerant gardening ideas at the Thursday Club in San Diego on 4/21. We hope his guidance will inspire all who attended to use drought tolerant gardening techniques in their own yards, gardens, and landscapes. Bill featured his book Life After Lawns – 8 Steps From Grass to a […]

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