Landscaping raised to higher levels of artistic expression for us is called “landsculpture”. Landscaping in the hands of a experienced professional is unlimited in its potential for creativity. A wonderful garden is like a masterpiece to an art collector. Creating a garden from a void is similar to a blank canvas before a trained and experienced artist. Life appears where once there was only barren rock.

Landscaping is living art.

All of us are capable of digging a hole and gently placing a plant at its bottom before covering it with soil. With luck it will thrive. Is that the best plant for the location, climate, and or the garden’s palette of colors and symmetry? Will that shrub or tree thrive in that particular sunlight? Will another work instead? Drainage, sunlight, irrigation and budget considerations are all notes to be orchestrated before they become music. Your professional landscaper is your conductor.

Landscaping professionals at Schnetz Landscape eliminates the need for guesswork. Our San Diego Landscape Company works as a unit to make sure as many eyes as possible are on your project. The team approach has proven successful in decision making at all levels for the past 40 years. Choose wisely and Contact Our Professional Landscapers Today.

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